Natural Language Understanding
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Smart NLP to understand and process your data inquiries.

Unified Data Access
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A single access point for data from multiple business systems.

Faster Decision-Making
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With instant access to insights, businesses can make faster and more informed decisions.


Transform Data Access with Generative AI

Simplify how you access data from your Line of Business Applications: CRM, ERP, MIS, and more, transform complex queries/reporting into simple conversations.
Smart Follow-ups
Unlock seamless conversational journeys with eSynapse's Smart Follow-ups feature. eSynapse keeps the thread of your inquiry, allowing you to dig deeper with follow-up questions as if you were conversing with a human expert.
Smart Insights
Discover the unseen & unlock potential with eSynapse's Smart Insights. Through sophisticated data analysis and pattern recognition, eSynapse not only responds to your queries but also proactively surfaces insights you might not have been aware of.
Take Actions
Transform insights into impact with eSynapse's action-oriented capabilities. Beyond answering queries and providing insights, eSynapse enables you to take immediate actions based on the data at your fingertips.

Querying data is a conversation, not a complication.

"What’s our current revenue compared to this time last year?"

"How does our profit margin this quarter compare to the same quarter last year?"

"Give me a breakdown of expenses by department for the current quarter."

"What have been our top-performing products this month?"

What’s the current conversion rate from our latest marketing campaign?"

"Show me the sales pipeline and forecast for the next quarter."

“AI transformation is no longer an option, it's a necessity.”

eSynapse is not just a tool but a transformation in how businesses interact with data. It eradicates the hurdles of traditional data analysis and unveils a future where strategic insights are obtained conversationally, in real-time, driving businesses towards more efficient and effective decision-making.

Accelerated Decision Making

By delivering immediate insights, eSynapse enables businesses to
make quick, informed decisions, keeping them ahead in today’s competitive landscape.

Enhanced Efficiency

The quick turnaround of data analysis not only streamlines business processes but also enhances the operational efficiency of organizations.

Boosted Productivity

Eliminating the need to switch between multiple systems and reports means professionals can allocate more time to strategic tasks, significantly increasing productivity

Designed to Scale

Designed to effortlessly accommodate expanding data needs and integrate with an increasing number of Line of Business Applications, eSynapse grows with your business.

Powered by Open AI's advanced capabilities.
Connect with any Line of Business Application.
Available on MS Teams, WhatsApp, Slack, Android/iOS.


USE CASESTransforming Businesses Of All Sizes

From startups to the world’s largest companies

PROCESSAre You Ready To Embrace The Future

Our approach to AI implementation is rooted in a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ unique business needs and challenges. We begin by conducting in-depth consultations to identify the most suitable AI solutions that align with their goals.

1. Understand Your Data Accessibility Needs

Our process begins with comprehensively understanding your organization’s data structure, accessibility needs, and existing hurdles in data retrieval and interpretation. This ensures a tailored eSynapse solution that aligns with your unique requirements and business context.

2. Map Key Business Systems

We identify and map all the key business systems and applications you utilize. Whether CRM, ERP, MIS, inventory management systems, or any other, we aim to establish a single, unified point of access for all your organization’s critical data.

3. Implement Prompt Engineering

Communicating with eSynapse employs custom-generated prompts designed to guide the AI model’s behavior and responses. Through meticulous Prompt Engineering, we design precise words and phrases that lead to high-quality, relevant responses. This ensures that your complex data inquiries are understood and effectively addressed by eSynapse.

4. Incorporate Microsoft Semantic Kernel

Utilizing the Semantic Kernel, we enable eSynapse to interact seamlessly with your existing applications/systems. By describing your applications to AI models within eSynapse, it can request calls to specific parts of your applications/APIs based on user inquiries. The Semantic Kernel translates the AI model’s response into actual calls to your code/API—doing all the intricate work behind the scenes.

5. Ensure Security & Compliance

Maintaining the security of your data is our top priority. We configure eSynapse adhere to industry-specific privacy and storage regulations, ensuring a secure and compliant data access environment.

6. Test, Launch, and Train

Prior to a full-scale deployment, we conduct a beta launch within a select user group to test eSynapse, gather feedback, and make any necessary revisions. 

7. Monitor and Optimize

Post-implementation, we monitor eSynapse’s performance and provide ongoing support. We make necessary adjustments to ensure it remains a reliable and valuable tool, seamlessly adapting to your ever-evolving business and data needs.

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